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Wall Street Journal Insider List

The Fashion Designer, Jill McGowan Owner, Jill McGowan women’s clothing store TAKE A HIKE / Mackworth Island Once owned by Governor Percival Baxter, who donated acres of land to the state, the island is rimmed by a 1¼-trail. BYO BITTE / Schulte & Herr They serve classic German food, like spaetzle with caramelized onion and cheese, a fresh cucumber salad and potato pancakes with lox. Bring your own wine or beer. 349 Cumberland Ave., LITTLE SOMETHINGS / Folly 101 You can find anything: kitchenware, books, gadgets, hats, jewelry, candles and scarfs. The owner has an amazing eye, and her prices are really good. 101 Exchange St., 207-773-5227 THROWBACK THURSDAYS / Top of the East It’s an old-school, get-a-bourbon kind of place at the top of the...

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Maine Magazine's 50 People

The white button-down shirt is a classic, but the difficulty of finding one that doesn’t bunch, gap, or pull has resulted in many women simply giving up on the garment. That was, at least, until Jill McGowan, a former menswear patternmaker with an exceptional eye for tailoring, launched her eponymous brand in 1994. Read More at Maine Magazine

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