Playing Dress Up, Jill McGowan Spring 2024 Collection

Article by Becca Abramson

Originally published in Portland City Lifestyle

In 1994, Jill McGowan took a leap of faith and left a stable job with benefits to start a business with a simple mission: to create quality clothing for women that would endure fashion whims and changes. Celebrating her 30th year of business in 2024, McGowan continues to focus on quality apparel with style and integrity that holds up over time.

“More than ever, we’re finding that consumers are paying attention to where their garments come from and who is behind the brand,” McGowan explains. Additionally, comfort and ease are key this season. “No one should have to think too much about what they are wearing on a day-to-day basis, and we try to make that job as easy as possible for our customers,” she notes.

Jill McGowan’s spring 2024 collection features the boutique’s core white shirts in new styles and fabrics along with high-quality linens in bright stripes and plaids. “My personal favorites this season are the shirts we developed with panels built in to combine the comfort of a t-shirt with the feeling of being dressed for work,” McGowan says. “Edith is one of those styles, and Mere features a white eyelet with a built-in knit back and sweatshirt cuffs. The idea behind it is to look dressed up but feel as comfortable as possible,” she adds. McGowan drew inspiration for the collection from popular athleisure and incorporated her favorite elements into everyday garments appropriate for work. Read Full Article.