Long sleeve button front with knit sleeves and back

Tired of tugging and pulling your sleeves through your jacket? Whitney, our hybrid with knit sleeves and knit back, solves that problem. Experience the look of a classic shirt and the comfort of a t-shirt. Buttons never gape. Keep it simple with our basic white Egyptian broadcloth or dress it up with a floral applique front.


white Egyptian cotton broadcloth - $ 165
white cotton herringbone - $ 250
white cotton floral applique - $ 274
white cotton faille - $ 250

$ 165.00

Our products are handmade

Our shirts are cut and sewn to order in the United States. Please allow 3-4 weeks (in most cases sooner) for delivery.

Care / Wash

All of our shirts come with a care label sewn into the shirt. Our 100% cotton fabrics are machine wash cold, hang to dry. For all other fabrics, please read the care label sewn into each shirt.

American Made